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Cultural Program

Welcome reception

Date: May 16, 2017

Time: from 19:00 to 23:30

The welcome night will open with a concert by the internationally renowned Soloists of Moscow chamber orchestra conducted by Yuri Bashmet, whereupon the guests will be invited to attend a gala buffet dinner at the Grand Hotel Europe.

The Grand Hall of the D.D. Shostakovich Saint-Petersburg Academic Philharmonia (2, Mikhailovskaya street)

Grand Hotel Europe (Mikhaylovskaya st., 1/7)


“The Russian violist has surrounded himself with outstanding musicians. He has honed the strings to conform to his highly nuanced requirements: perfect team-play, ideal intonation, and rare dynamic richness… It’s a stunning experience to see and hear how artfully these 19 musicians keep their individuality in check for the sake of a perfect ensemble” (Le Quotidien, France)

“The Soloists of Moscow have a sound all their own. In the lyrical parts it’s tender and tremulous yet warm and velvety. In the boisterous passages it’s remarkably powerful and precise. And in all its dynamic hues it’s consistently euphonic and translucent” (De Volkskrant, Netherlands)

“The Yuri Bashmet Orchestra kept the audience unremittingly enthralled with their performance of stunning precision and elegance” (The Independent, UK)

The Soloists of Moscow is a collective of true soul-mates. The flawless sense of team-play the musicians have developed over the decades of playing together fits in well with each artist’s distinctive personality (indeed, many of them are renowned soloists in their own right, and laureates of international competitions). When they play together, the perfect rapport between the musicians and the conductor conjures up a unique aura. You feel that this music is being born here and now, which makes their every concert a performance sui generis.

The vast and distinctive repertoire of the Soloists of Moscow features upwards of 350 Russian and international classical music masterpieces, including rarely played pieces from the 17th through the 20th centuries: from Bach and Mozart to Schnittke and Denisov. Over the course of their decades-long career, the Soloists of Moscow have played some 2000 concerts, garnering plaudits in over 50 countries of Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. Yuri Bashmet and the Soloists of Moscow are a 2008 Grammy Award Winner in the category of Best Performance by Small Ensembles. They also had three Grammy nominations, in 1994, 2006 and 2009.

In conclusion of the welcome night the guests of the Forum will be invited to proceed to the buffet gala dinner prepared for them at the Grand Hotel Europe, the oldest hotel in St. Petersburg, melding its early 1900s air of exquisite luxury, enhanced by the antique furnishings, the profusion of marble, gold-plating and stained glass, with the highest standards of management one only finds in the choicest deluxe hotel properties. The Grand Hotel Europe is well versed in catering for top-level events. Suffice it to recall the diplomatic receptions Emperor Nicholas II gave here for dignitaries of the highest order. But first and foremost, a hotel’s history is made by its guests. The Grand Hotel Europe has hosted a succession of eminent public figures, politicians, monarchs and heads of state in the course of its history, which goes back a century and a half. Bernard Shaw met with Maksim Gorky at the Grand Hotel Europe, and it was here that a young Dmitry Shostakovich played his debut sonata for Sergey Prokofiev. It is an inspiring tradition that the guests of the Forum become part of the history of the distinguished Grand Hotel Europe.

Venice of the North: boat trip along rivers and canals of St. Petersburg (Sightseeing Tour)

Date: May 17, 2017

Time: from 19:30 to 22:00

We are pleased to invite you to join a boat trip in St. Petersburg, which will reveal the city from a completely different perspective.

St Petersburg


St. Petersburg was named Venice of the North long ago. From a bird’s eye view one can see that the city is penetrated with numerous canals and rivers. Grand quays and ornately shaped railings embrace the banks, while gigantic iron bridges with drawing spans, humpbacked stone or lacy cast iron bridges adorn the waterways.

We are pleased to invite you to join a boat trip in St. Petersburg, which will reveal the city from a completely different perspective.

May 17, 2017

19:30 – shuttle transfer from Forum’s official hotels

20:00 - 22:00 – tour along rivers and canals

22:00 – shuttle transfer to Forum’s official hotels

Please, note that the tour will depart promptly and it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they arrive at the designated departure point in good time. Tour departures cannot be delayed. Access only for accredited SPILF delegates and accompanying persons.

Price: tour is included in the Delegate Package / Accompanying Person Package

The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2017.

Date: May 18, 2017

Time: from 20:30 to 00:00

The traditional Legal Street night, which is the unofficial cultural signature of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, takes place in the very heart of St. Petersburg - in the legendary Rubinsteina street, where the number of restaurants and bars exceeds the number of actual buildings by nearly 50%. SPILF participants are given free rein to have a good time in Rubinsteina street on this night. Some of the leading law firms, which are partners with the Forum, will be staging a variety of party formats and concepts to suit most tastes in music, running the gamut from chamber concerts played by veteran Russian rockers in a home environment to live outdoor gigs to intellectual games and jazz tastings.

St. Petersburg locals and visitors welcome the Legal Street night with great interest every year, but only the Forum participants are entitled to take part in the Legal Street events.

Вечеринка Platforma / Platforma Party
Арбитражный Баркас / Arbitration Schooner
Вечеринка «Пепеляев Групп» / Pepeliaev Group’s party
Коктейльная вечеринка Клири Готтлиб /Cleary Gottlieb Cocktail Party

Partners of the event

Legal Street 2016

Follow this link to view our photo gallery from Legal Street ’2016:link

Gala dinner

Date: May 19, 2017

Время: c 20:00 до 23:30